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Histortical Baxandalls image My Father's butchers shop, Corn Mill Yard, Steeton. Circa 1955.


Roger Baxandall was brought up as the son of a master butcher Frank Baxandall, whose father William was a butcher/farmer. Both were experts in the art of dry cured bacon, Frank winning prizes at many agriculture shows with the dry cured gammons & bacon. All his knowledge then passed on to Roger who could, by the age of eight, cure bacon and make sausages.

Roger after working for Tesco, Hillards, and Morrisons supermarkets decided in 1983 to start his own bacon wholesalers “Craven Bacon Supplies”. The Name Craven, being the local area in North Yorkshire where his firm was based. His was a traditional bacon wholesalers curing boning and rolling bacon, most of his customers being butchers, bakers, and provision shops.

In 2002 with his extensive knowledge of the dry cured bacon he started “Baxandall’s Dry Cured Bacon”, specialising in the selling of the dry cured bacon in vacuum pouches, for sale in local shops and by keeping the price at a reasonable level, sales boomed.

He has now started offering his dry cured bacon on the Internet so that more people can enjoy the traditional produce that he cares about intensely.

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